A look into the lives of Iraqi Christians who, under threat of death from ISIS, were forced to flee their ancestral homeland.

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About the Film

The Middle East is the cradle of Christianity, and for two millennia – long before the rise of Islam – Christian communities across the region lived and thrived. Until now.

With the mantra: “we will conquer your Rome, break your crosses, and enslave your women,” ISIS has been successful in its genocide, eradicating almost all traces of Christian heritage in the region; hundreds of holy sites, churches, and entire communities have been purged from existence.

Once home to an estimated 1.5 million Christians, Iraq’s Christian population has dwindled to a staggering 200,000. The Rebel traveled to the Biblical land of Nineveh, now modern-day Batnaya, to assess the damage and give a voice to the brave men, women and children, who remained behind.

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On the Ground Team

Jennifer Breedon

Writer & Narrator

During her time as a human rights activist and lawyer, Jennifer Breedon has worked closely with the Christian community in northern Iraq, specifically in Kurdistan, where she witnessed firsthand the region’s historic vote to become an independent state.

Jennifer specializes in International Law and Criminal Law and is dedicated to helping persecuted minorities around the world.

Ezra Levant

Executive Producer

Ezra Levant was compelled to tell the story of Iraq’s forgotten refugees after seeing an ancient, Aramaic Bible desecrated with a bullet hole through the middle of its cross-embellished cover. Not only did Ezra initiate the documentary project, through The Rebel he established a crowdfunding campaign to support charities working directly with victimized Christians in Iraq.

Ezra Levant is founder and president of The Rebel, an online media outlet dedicated to covering stories the mainstream media ignore.

Hannah Vanderkooy

Producer & Director

Hannah Vanderkooy led the documentary from start to completion, beginning with her first visit to the refugee camps of Northern Iraq. With the help of an amazing team on the ground and behind the scenes, she brought the stories of these persecuted Christians to life. As a practicing Christian, Hannah was deeply affected by their plight, and was touched by their resilience and commitment to faith in the face of evil.

Hannah Vanderkooy serves as Vice President of Editorial operations at The Rebel.

Oliver Mackenzie


Oliver Mackenzie is up for any adventure and travelling to Northern Iraq was no exception. As lead cameraman, Oliver’s keen eye and unique way of storytelling through imagery captured the heartwrenching essence of Iraqi Christians and their struggle to rebuild a homeland.

Oliver has served as The Rebel's lead videographer since 2016, where he’s covered stories ranging from the violent Antifa protests, to the “Calais Jungle,” and most-recently, the violence against South African Boer farms.

Behind the Scenes

Tina Byun


Martin Gardiner

Editor, Special Effects

Tiffany Gabbay


Medlum Merogi

On-ground translations and arrangements

Mike Godfrey


Dale R. Wells

Executive Producer